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Pest Free Environmental Solutions provides an excellent and innovative alternative to traditional pest control methods without the use of any hazardous poisons.
The patented system simply drives vermin away from areas protected by Pest Free, typically clearing any infestation within one week of installation. We are sure you will agree that the best way to keep rodents away from our environment is to make it unpleasant for them.

Pest Free alters what is normally a friendly environment for rodents and cockroaches into a hostile environment. In doing so you will retain a rodent free premises without jeopardising your staff or clients wellbeing by having to use poisonous and hazardous chemicals.
Using microchip technology to affect the electric signal given off by the buildings electrical ring main, the Pest Free units modify the signal producing a pulsating vibration which is unpleasant to vermin and drives them away from the protected area. The system is completely harmless to the electrical system and cannot be heard by Humans or other animals.

Pest Free systems are patented and have been tested by the British Standards Institute and carry the CE mark.

Pest Free Environmental Solutions have been hugely successful in Hotels, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hospitals and Office buildings.