Environmental Solutions

How It Works

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When in operation Pest Free alters the background of the existing electromagnetic field already contained within the building structure.
The unit works by switching a coil across the active and neutral leads of the electrical supply wiring. This produces short bursts of electro motive force at 50Hz, which feeds down the wiring effectively modulating the existing electro-magnetic field created by the 50Hz supply at the frequency of these bursts, as the coil is switched on and off.

This creates a pulsating vibration which is very unpleasant for rodents and cockroaches and they leave the protected area, usually infestations are completely gone within 7 days.

Pest Free Environmental Solutions can easily be installed in any building with the size and layout of determining how many units are required. Please contact us for a survey and free no obligation quotation. Pest Free Environmental Solutions are so confident in our ability to deliver results we are also offering a 30 day free trial to all new clients.