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Environmental Benefits

Pest Free Environmental Solutions offer some fantastic environmental benefits compared to traditional methods of Pest Control.

  • No poisons are used which makes it an ideal choice for using in hygiene and public areas of buildings
  • The boxes are located discreetly in electrical riser cupboards
  • No unpleasant smells from decaying corpses
  • Reduced number of visits required lowering the carbon footprint
  • Each unit costs less than 25p per year to run
  • No destruction of stock


Health & Safety Benefits

In addition to the environmental, Pest Free Environmental Solutions have some great Health & Safety benefits compared to traditional Pest Control.

  • There are no hazardous poisons used
  • No decaying corpses left for weeks at a time which produces unpleasant smells
  • Vermin simply leave the protected area
  • Pest Free Environmental is a 24/7 Solution
  • The units can get rid of any size of the infestation
  • Completely safe for staff and clients