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BUPA Hospital - Bushey

“As soon as Pest Free was connected the areas protected were no longer an issue. As you can imagine the last problem we need in a BUPA Hospital is an Issue with Pest Control, once Pest Free was installed we could forget about it which suits me.”

Danny Murphy
Hospital Services Manager

Strand Palace Hotel

“Since having the Pest Free Commercial Units installed at the Hotel the whole team have been delighted! It had an immediate impact on the problem and the number of sightings has almost dropped to zero. So well done, we did have our doubts about the units but they have proved a great success.”

Mike Davison
Chief Engineer

Somerfield Stores Ltd

“We have experienced severe rodent infestations in some of our stores, to combat this we installed Pest Free units in several of these stores where traditional pest control methods had been found ineffective. I can confirm that the Pest Free units have eradicated the rodent problem within 7 days of installation and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Pest Free electronic units.”

Colin Halsall
Central procurement